Designing and making beautiful things for you out of wood, glass, barbed wire, re-used liter soda pop bottles, and old rusty tin!

We are so pleased that you chose to visit our shop and hope you will find something here to treasure or to cherish another person with! If you are happy with what you see, don't forget to share it with your friends!

How did we get where we are? It was a long, happy journey. We worked little flea markets for many years as resellers of manufactured and used "stuff" while we worked our "real" jobs M-F 9-5. After unsuccessfully trying to find handmade or all natural products to sell in our "store" we finally decided we would just make our own products for sale. Because in our hearts.....we were crafters!

For Cliff it came pretty quickly, he made a shadowbox picture frame and someone bought it, (no picture included at that time) then we added some inexpensive prints in flat frames and people bought them too; and began asking us to find them different types of prints, i.e. deer, barns, ducks, etc. Many pictures later, we realized that some of our customers were buying multiple frames and it dawned on us that people were giving our them as gifts! What a revelation that was! That's when we began offering to frame the customer's own picture if they chose that option.

Meanwhile, I painted birdhouses, made beaded jewelry, learned to: wire wrap stones, make chain maille earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, braid crystal bracelets, sculpt figures in clay, paint landscapes and take photographs; I never met a craft I didn't try and like! But, my "craft" world changed forever when one day, out of boredom, I touched a cheap little engraver to a canning jar and fell into a bucket of joy! I was surprised and thrilled when a person bought one of my jars and was really tickled the first time a bride included them in her wedding!

Since we obviously don't know when to quit, we felt that we should rename our shop to include any product that we would ever make. But what name? Then we had it! In an Etsy forum, someone suggested a version of the name we finally chose; Handmade By West! We think it fits and hope that you do as well.

Thank you for visiting our shop, we hope you were blessed!

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